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Well let the records show that I'm back in the blogging game. And I'm back with a new design, a new name and just a new inspiring perspective. I would really recommend taking a nice long break from blogging if you're not "feeling it" and just are having a really hard time being creative and inspired!

If you don't recognize me, then "hola!", I'm Lauren! I'm so happy you're here, like seriously you have no idea. If you DO recognize me, then you're probably thinking "waaiiittt, a second..?" she used to blog at The Perfect Pear. And you're right! :) I've switched my blog over from The Perfect Pear since I grew out of the name and wanted something more timeless and professional. Voila. Lauren by Design (LBD for short) was created. The name came from the fact that I owe a LOT to blogging and graphic design in general for who I am today, so by design, I am who I am. Lauren by Design.

Anyways, I'm ecstatic you're here. But can I make a confession? This starting a new blog this makes me really nervous. There's something weird about it, maybe its because I feel like I'm starting all over again (which is never fun), or because I have so many goals that I want to achieve with this blog, that I'm scared I won't achieve them. I put SO much work into The Perfect Pear and although I'm not totally starting over, it sort of feels like that! BUT, we are going to be great, you and I! :) The best is to just dive in!

But seriously, if you're reading this, you are an absolute gem, and I hope you stick around. Tomorrow I'll be posting a delicious food recipe, my stomach is already growling.

p.s. for the first month I'll be doing sponsor swaps! If you'd like to get in on that then send me an email at