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DIY // Boho Knuckle Rings

Do It YourselfLauren Leggatt1 Comment

Happy Wednesday! I'm not totally sure if knuckle rings are still "in", but none the less, I absolutely adore the chevron knuckle rings I made and I was in the mood for some more bling!! Hola!! Okay, I dont know why I just did that.. But anyways, here's how I made some bohemian inspired knuckle rings with a bit of wire and some broken jewelry I already had!


You'll Need: Wire, pliers, something round, some jewelry pieces from old necklaces or other broken accessories.  


Step One: Wrap your wire multiple times around your round object to create a spiral.  


Step Two: Use your pliers to cut the circles that you've just created. These will be your rings. 


Step Three: Using your round nose pliers, create two loops at either end of the wire. Then slip on your jewelry pieces, like beads or wire designs. Then use your pliers to close the two loops.


Finished! They're so fun to wear, and I just love having all these dangling rings! There's something about wearing lots and lots of rings that I just love! Jazz hands!! 

Much LOVE, Lauren

DIY // Leather Studded Bracelet

Do It YourselfThe Perfect Pear4 Comments

Well hello! I'm back! :) I was in Bermuda for a few weeks and now I'm home and ready to get back to blogging! I'll be sharing pictures later, but for now I wanted to share this DIY with you guys! If you've been a reader of the blog for a while, you'll know that I love my jewelry, like the knuckle rings or leather wrapped rings, arm candy has been one of my favorite accessories! This has to be my all time favorite creation, I'm absolutely smitten with this gorgeous turquoise leather that I got from Endless Leather, they have such a great selection!! Anyways! :)


You'll Need: Flat leathermagnetic closure, leather studs (make sure they're for leather, I later found out that mine weren't), pliers, leather hole punch, sturdy glue like welbond, a hammer and a pen!


Step One: Mark all the spots where you want your studs to go!


Step Two: Use your leather punch to punch the holes!


Step Three: Put your leather studs in each hole!


Step Four: Put a good amount of glue on each end of the leather and put them into the clasps and let dry fully!


 Voila! I've been wearing it non stop since I made it! :) 


DIY // Geometric Painted Wooden Bowls

Do It YourselfThe Perfect Pear3 Comments

Today has been a good, productive day! I did a few posts, went shopping and made these bowls! :) I picked these cute little wooden bowls up at a thrift store for two dollars, and knew exactly what I was going to do with them, I love the way they turned out! These have so many different options and possibilities, that you can play around with to suit your style! Happy crafting!


You'll Need: wooden bowls, crafters paint (I used acrylic), paintbrush, masking tape, sandpaper and a sharpie (optional)


Step One: Tape up all around your bowl


Step Two: Give the sections that you're going to paint, a light sanding so the paint will stick better. 


 Step Three: Paint away, then right after, remove the tape and let dry!


 Then you can fill it with all kinds of things, like snap peas from your garden! :)


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DIY // Rustic Food Photography Backdrops

Do It Yourself, PhotographyThe Perfect Pear14 Comments

Food photography, as of late, has become one of my favorite things to do! I love creating some delicious food and then figuring out new ways to photograph it and make it look oh-so-tasty! Buying new props is always so fun, but my latest adventure is in making some pretty wooden backdrops, here's how I did it in two easy steps!


You'll Need: Wood, sponge brush, some paint and sandpaper (I used the fine stuff)


Step One: Paint your board! I used a mix of blue and white to get some contrast. Let it dry completely. Once that side is dry, you can paint the other side! I chose to do a light coat of white.


Step Two: Once its dry, give it a good sandpaper treatment all over and in more areas than others to create a bit of a vintage, worn out look!


Then take super pretty photos of food and marvel at your new backdrop!


How I Use Old Polaroids!

Do It Yourself, DecorThe Perfect Pear4 Comments

 Now, I don't really know what the correct term for polaroids-that-don't work is, because I'm pretty sure there is a word for that but I'm just going to call them old. :) A while ago I picked up this pack of polaroids at a garage sale hoping to finally be able to use of my cameras from my collection. Sadly, they were "old" and didn't work, but I really didn't have the heart to throw them out! So I decided to put them to good use, and this is how I did it! The list-making, quote-lover in me just go crazy over this! 


Basically, I use them as tiny little whiteboards! Since the one side has the shiny plastic surface, it works great with whiteboard markers and comes off just as well too! Its a great way to update, and add little notes to inspiration and to-do boards! :) Don't go throwing out your "old" polaroids!

p.s. if  you know what the correct term is...ya know, help a girl out! :)