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Inspire // Tiny Tattoos

Lauren Leggatt2 Comments

I've always seen myself getting a tattoo down the road, but right now my style changes too often, I love different things every week, I dont have an all time favorite quote and I'm far too indecisive to be putting something permanent on my body! But also the fact that I have the lowest pain tolerance, may or may not be influencing my decision on getting a tattoo! Ouch. When, and if I decide to get a tattoo it will definitely be a small, meaningful one in a discrete place like my inner arm or on the side of my chest. Something delicate and pretty. Not only do tattoos fascinate me, but even more so is the meaning behind them, and when I get one, it'll have a story to go along with it.

Do you have any tattoos, or do you hope to get any? 

READ: A 2095 word story, published exclusively in tattoos, word by word. *so cool* 

Much LOVE, Lauren

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