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DIY // Boho Knuckle Rings

Do It YourselfLauren Leggatt1 Comment

Happy Wednesday! I'm not totally sure if knuckle rings are still "in", but none the less, I absolutely adore the chevron knuckle rings I made and I was in the mood for some more bling!! Hola!! Okay, I dont know why I just did that.. But anyways, here's how I made some bohemian inspired knuckle rings with a bit of wire and some broken jewelry I already had!


You'll Need: Wire, pliers, something round, some jewelry pieces from old necklaces or other broken accessories.  


Step One: Wrap your wire multiple times around your round object to create a spiral.  


Step Two: Use your pliers to cut the circles that you've just created. These will be your rings. 


Step Three: Using your round nose pliers, create two loops at either end of the wire. Then slip on your jewelry pieces, like beads or wire designs. Then use your pliers to close the two loops.


Finished! They're so fun to wear, and I just love having all these dangling rings! There's something about wearing lots and lots of rings that I just love! Jazz hands!! 

Much LOVE, Lauren