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Interview & Giveaway with The Little Flower Soap Co

Lauren Leggatt4 Comments

Today, I have someone very special and creative that I'm happy to introduce you to! Miss Holly Rutt of The Little Flower Soap Co. Located in Southeast Michigan, Holly makes homemade soaps and everything wholesome for bath and body. Each recipe is developed by Holly and her husband Justin with the best available natural body care products, allowing them to find perfectly balanced combinations that make The Little Flower Soap Co, so remarkable! You're in for a treat friends! :)

1. How did you get into handmade soap making? I know, I've always loved handmade soaps over store bought!

My college roommate made soap growing up and I LOVED the soaps their family (Anna and Jenn Hayden) made so when both girls moved out of state I started suffering from soap withdrawal.  I begged to learn how to make it and they agreed to bring me in on the family recipe as an honorary soap sister.  So I traveled up to Jenn's log cabin in Northern Ontario and she taught me the heirloom soap recipe over her wood burning stove.  


2. Does being a wedding florist help with inspiration for new soaps and bath salts?

Being a wedding florist inspired me to make wedding and shower favor versions of my soaps, lip balms and bath salts because they are such a delightful and universally likeable mini gift (better than matches ;)


3. I bet your house smells just lovely! What's your favorite soap scent?

Everyone says the house smells amazing when they visit although I don't really smell it anymore unless I stick my face right in a bar which I do!! My favorite is Lavender Lemongrass, the aromatherapy properties of lavender essential oil are really effective for calming my nerves.  Its like I have a static energy and the smell of the lavender lemongrass smooths it out.


4. Where do you get inspiration for your soaps?

Many of the soaps I make are the original recipes I learned from Anna and Jenn Hayden (that they learned from their mother) because why mess with perfection.  I am in the process of making a blue cambrian clay soap that will be a patchouli  scent my first signature soap and I customized the tea tree lime soap with a dash of sweet almond because I'm CRAZY for almond scent!


5. Do you have a favorite soap to make?

I like making Woodsman Soap the best because the smell while I'm making it reminds me of my own wedding (we gave out woodsman as favors) and its the first soap I ever made at home so lots of smell memories attached.  



Thanks so much Holly, I'm so excited for my readers and I absolutely loved getting to know you and the inspiration and process behind your amazing handmade soaps! 

Much love, Lauren