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Konica Autoreflex TC!!

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 Each of the cameras I collect has a special meaning, a reason why I picked it up and took it home. Some are extra special and passed down by relatives, some have a history that I love, some had left over film in them, and some are just down right pretty! Right now I have 10 vintage cameras, this beautiful Konica Autoreflex TC making it the 10th member of the family! This camera makes me really excited because its one I can actually get into film photography with, and well...that makes me giddy! I got this beauty at a garage sale for $10 along with two gorgeous lenses...SCORE!


 She's in near perfect condition, just a bit of dust!


 Gahh, these are beautiful!!!


I'm super excited to start shooting and share my pictures with you! I'm going to pick out some film tomorrow, the lovely Lucie has been so awesome at helping me learn more about films, her work is fabulous! 

Have you guys hit any major scores lately?