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DIY // Rustic Food Photography Backdrops

Do It Yourself, PhotographyThe Perfect Pear14 Comments

Food photography, as of late, has become one of my favorite things to do! I love creating some delicious food and then figuring out new ways to photograph it and make it look oh-so-tasty! Buying new props is always so fun, but my latest adventure is in making some pretty wooden backdrops, here's how I did it in two easy steps!


You'll Need: Wood, sponge brush, some paint and sandpaper (I used the fine stuff)


Step One: Paint your board! I used a mix of blue and white to get some contrast. Let it dry completely. Once that side is dry, you can paint the other side! I chose to do a light coat of white.


Step Two: Once its dry, give it a good sandpaper treatment all over and in more areas than others to create a bit of a vintage, worn out look!


Then take super pretty photos of food and marvel at your new backdrop!