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Banana Egg Waffles (only 2 ingredients!)

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 These have to be my absolute favorite thing right joke. I found these thanks to Blogilates and I've been making these banana egg pancake/ waffles everyday for almost a week and I love them, here's why! Firstly, they're only two ingredients, and I mean they're actually two ingredients not like box pancakes and bananas or something. They're also super high on protein and potassium, plus they don't have any sugar! They also don't need any maple syrup or anything like that since they're so sweet! :) They're a bit finicky to make and I would recommend making them as pancakes, but for some reason I cant make pancakes for the life of me! Give them a try for yourself!


1. Take two eggs and a banana and blend! 2. That's your batter, so add some coconut oil to a pan and fry up just like regular pancakes! Nommms! 

I've found that they're really delicious with a light sprinkle of fresh lemon! Your body will be thanking you for these!