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Tea Infused Waters 3 Ways!

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Working on staying hydrated has kind of become one of my biggest goals lately, especially as it heats up around here! I used to go full days without a single glass of water, which was pretty terrible but now I'm drinking soooo much water!! Want to know my secret? Delicious tea and fruit infused waters! Let me tell you, these are delicious and they even taste like there's sugar in them...but there's not!!! Who knows, maybe you'll get close to the "8 cups of water a day" deal, which seems like a huge amount of water!

Another thing I discovered is that a lot of tea bags will steep perfectly in ice cold water, super easy and convenient!!


This one is probably my current favorite since it's super sweet and summery! I take some tetley herbal summer berry tea, put a tea bag in some water with ice and chopped up strawberries and oranges.


The combination of lemon, lime and mint is super refreshing! Something about it always leaves me feeling really healthy! Slice and dice some lemons and limes and put in ice water with a herbal mint tea.


When I first made this one, I was surprised by how sweet it was! :) It kind of reminds me of Christmas actually! Slice up some oranges, put them in some ice water with a cinnamon tea bag and some anise flowers!


Yum! :) If you have any combinations, let me know, I'm always on the lookout!