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Beet and Carrot Chips! (made in the microwave!!)

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If you ask me, this is by far the best thing invented since sliced bread. Granted, I wasn't around for the revelation of sliced bread, so I'm not one to make any kind of conclusions. BUT, from what I've heard it was awesome. :) So I'd have to say that taking a small thinly sliced potato or root veggie, putting them in the microwave for a few seconds and having them turn into delicious and

super crispy

chips is nothing short of a miracle. But that's just me! :) I've been making microwave potato chips for a few years now and I love them, but I wanted to try something else! So I took some carrots and beets and turned those into chips too! Just call me the chip lady. You are welcome! :)


 You should probably do this with a few test ones in the microwave to get the perfect system going as well! I remember when I first tried these, one chip started to spark. I almost lost it. 

Anyways, happy Saturday to ya!