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Pretty Places // Interiors

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Welcome to the first post of a new series called pretty places! :) I was on pinterest last night, just getting a good dose of inspiration before I fall asleep, and I had SOOO many things I wanted to share with you guys! So I thought it would be fun to start a new little post series where I share with you my favorite places (today are interiors) and then you can share yours with me in the comments! Like a circle of inspiration, ya know? Do ya love it?!?! I DO!! p.s. click the images to see the sources!


Something about the bohemian feel always makes me want to travel a million times more!


I can totally see martha stewart sitting here! :)


Okay seriously, how can you not love the vibe in this place?


I'm just crazy for those wood floors and rustic brick, loving this loft feel!


Inspiration on a monday is always a good thing! :)