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Photoshop Keyboard Skins // Review

The Perfect Pear10 Comments
I'm in LOVE with my keyboard skins! In case you were thinking of getting some keyboard skins for that photoshop-ing geek in your life, or maybe that's you, here are my thoughts! :) I'll admit they took a while to get used to but I absolutely love them now and I find it so weird without them. I'm hooked!
1. Apart from being totally rad they're actually super useful for all those photoshop shortcuts that I seem to forget on a regular basis! :) They make for quick editing, no searching for tools!
2. One thing I love about these skins is that they're really practical and easy to clean! Unlike the stick on skins, these just lay on top of your keys and you can take them off, get a wet cloth and clean them whenever, no hassle!
3. Sometimes I get a bit paranoid about stuff getting between the keys of my laptop! I'm usually eating while I work and I hate getting crumbs on my laptop so these keyboard skins prevent that from happening! Yay for eating and not worrying about crumbs! 
4. Aside from all the practical uses they're just super pretty and add such a sweet pop of color to your laptop! So cheerful!
You can get your own set of keyboard skins at Photojojo, thats where I got mine! :)