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Out & About // Thrifting!

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Happy Valentines!!! :) LOVE LOVE LOVE! So this thing happened while I was thrifting. It was the first time this had ever happened and it totally threw me off guard, but I think I played it off with major class.  

I was walking around the store with my camera in hand and about a bajillion clothes in the other just looking around, nothing odd right! Then this guy comes up to me and asks me if I got my camera at the thrift store! I giggle a bit and say no, then he carries on and so do I! As I'm writing this, I realize this could go down the "love story" path seeing its Valentines and everything, I'll just stop you right now its not! :)  

Anyways, so I keep thrifting and he comes back up to me and is like "so, I have to ask...what on earth are you doing?" I kind of panicked a bit, I mean I didn't want to have to tell this guy that I'm a blogger, and this is what we do, take pictures of our everyday lives, not to mention he probably didn't know what a blog even was! SO, instead I was like "Oh, I'm in a photography class and the assignment this week is to take our camera with us everywhere and take pictures of just about anything!" He smiled and said "Haha, oh okay, have a nice day!" Phew! :) Anyways, thats my little story, its the first time someones asked me why I was taking pictures, kind of one of lifes little milestones for me I guess!


How crazy are those heels?! 

Happy Valentines, Love you all!!!!


*emphasis on the much!