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Black Bean Brownies! :)

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 Ohhh yes. This is happening! I woke up this morning thinking of brownies, which for me isn't an unusual way to wake up.  It happens a lot actually.  I don't know about you but its actually a pretty great way to wake up! :)  So today I wanted to make brownies, but then I realized I should probably eat something somewhat healthy instead of the grilled cheese, apple crisp and donut I had the day before.  Yes.  But I mean I still wanted brownies.... SO, I found

the recipe for black bean brownies

and I knew I had found my love! Ohhhhh my goodness, I swear if I could send each of you one of these brownies in little envelopes just so you could experience their amazingness I would. They're magical.


To find the recipe click here

!!! DO IT! Okay, that was a bit pushy, just trust me. :)