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Christmas Coconut Bars!

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 So technically these don't have much to do with christmas except for the fact that I can blame me eating a whole tray of these with the whole "well I mean its almost christmas and I'm already going to be eating so many baked goods so...." Do you ever do that? :) My mom is an absolute wiz in the kitchen, she can make the absolute best pasta sauce with like literally nothing in the fridge, somedays I'm actually so amazed she just manages to throw things together without a recipe! So if you can see where I'm going with this, this is her recipe and she was ever so happy to share it will all of you! These are the best and they're actually pretty healthy too, and vegan (I think)! SCORE! :)


I cant even tell you how good these are, like seriously they just melt in your mouth! Give them a try! :)