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Staying Motivated + Snapshots From My Week

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 Woah! It's been almost a month since I've blogged, how weird is that? It's already snowing and I kind of love/hate it, ya know, is it snowing where you are? Anyways, it feels good to be back after such a crazy busy month, I'm hoping I'll stay inspired and motivated to blog more since last month was completely uninspiring and I had just no motivation to blog what so ever. I think it could be the fact that I was comparing myself to other bloggers, I hate when that happens! :) Anyways, here's a peak into my week!
 I got this totally rad new carpet that I loooove! Ginger has decided that it is actually her carpet though, and pretty much lives on it!
 Designing some blogs and pinning like a crazy lady.
 Christmas is sooo close! I set up some twinkle lights in little baskets and they're so cute!
 Ate a homegrown apple!
Made some french onion soup.
SO! I want to know, how do you stay inspired and motivated to keep blogging?