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Photoshop Tutorial // Light Leaks

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 Lately I've been photoshopping like an absolutely crazy lady, but I kind of love it! :) A while back I shared with you how to get the effect of

light leaks

on your photos using photoshop! While I love that technique, I've found another way to do it and I love it much more! Take a look at a few examples below! It adds such a pretty vintage touch!


Its easy peasy! And for those of you who I'm sure will ask, I'm using photoshop elements!


 Step One: Open up the image you want to use! (easy enough right?!)


 Step Two: Use your

smart brush tool

, with the

sepia duotone

preset selected.


 Step Three: Paint all over your picture, until it is totally covered in the sepia effect


 Step Four: Next change the style of that sepia layer to hard light.


Step Five: Select your eraser tool, using a soft brush on about 82% opacity, still on the sepia layer and erase the areas that you don't want to have a light leak! 


Voila, super easy and really pretty and vintagey! I've found for some images I don't even need to erase anything since the effect is still really pretty! :) Have fun!