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How to Peel a Pomegranate!

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As a kid I loved pomegranates and to this day they're still a huge treat! :) Its kind of like one of my favorite comfort foods! So I wanted to share how I peel them, its nothing special but if you've never had pomegranate it can be quite a battle, and quite often any kind of white clothes you have will most definitely loose. So here's how a self proclaimed seasoned pomegranate eater, tackles these beauties! :)


Step One: Chop off the top and bottom with a sharp knife.


Step Two: Split them in half, right down the middle.


Step Three: Cut in half again so you have little pomegranate wedges.


Step Four: Use your fingers to bend the skin into a little "cup" kind of like your flipping it inside out. This will separate the seeds from the membrane and make it easy for you to pick out the seeds and eat! :)


Happy Monday!