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DIY// Off The Shoulder Sweater

Do It YourselfThe Perfect Pear15 Comments

Hey friends! :) I'm back and today I'm sharing a sweet and simple diy that I think is perfect for fall! I had this sweater that I bought for super cheap at a thrift store and I loved the pattern but the neck line was waaaaay too tight, so I cut it up and turned it into a rustic off the shoulder sweater! I love how it looks like its fraying and it could unravel at any moment but actually its super sturdy! 


 You only need a few things! A sweater, scissors, a sewing machine and chalk or washable fabric pen!


Step One

: Put your sweater on and mark where you want the sweater to go. Then draw a line connecting the two shoulders. Don't cut it yet!!

Step Two

: To get the rustic fray look, use a stretch zig zag stitch and sew right over the line you just made. Then cut a little bit above the seam to finish it off!


Easy peasy right?! :) You could also weave a bit of ribbon through it as well, which would be really sweet! See you later alligator!