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DIY // Gold Stripe Stone Ring

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 Hey friends! Long time no talk, I've missed you guys! I just got back from a week of backpacking in the mountains which was so much fun! :) I'll share some pictures in a few days! Anyways happy first day of Autumn! Finally!!!! While on my little trip I picked up a few pretty stones and was hoping to turn them into something wearable! I love the way my wide gold stripe stone ring turned out! Here's how I did it! Ready, set GO!


You'll Need: A flat stone, you could use sea glass too, tape, a ring back, gorilla glue, gold paint, paintbrush and clear nail polish which is optional!


Step One

: Tape off a section of your stone to create a line and paint it.


Step Two

: Keep creating lines and other designs until you are happy with how it looks! Then all you do is glue the ring back to the other side of the stone, wait till its dry and put one layer of clear nail polish on it for that extra shine! 


I love the big bold vibe and I'm so happy with how it turned out! Next time I'm totally trying the same technique with sea glass, it'd look so pretty! I'm so excited about the next upcoming weeks, I've got some pretty delicious things planned and I cant wait to share them with you!

Happy Crafting!