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Thrift Finds!!! :)

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 Hello friends! I'm totally excited to share this post because I scored some seriously awesome thrift finds! I found these over a period of a few weeks since I've been trying to deal with my thrifting addiction so I don't go a few days a week, every week. I know, it was bad, but you should be proud of me because now I go once every two weeks or so! :) Hahah, anyways the little stand above is going to look so cute with some cupcakes on it! 


 Okay, so these got me super excited, to the point were I had to keep my crazy "I just scored these awesome mini tart tins dance" on the down low. I'll admit it was hard! :) But seriously, I'm so excited to use these! I don't actually know how to use these, so if anyone has any recipes that would be fantastico!


Some awesome vintage glasses, which were so cheap I almost felt bad when I bought them! Haha, but I quickly got over feeling bad. :P




Okay. I. Love. This. I got this whole "set", the camera bag, the extremely bright light and amazing vintage video camera for $15! Like seriously, I would have paid that much just for the light, since I was dying to get an indoor light! Woot, woot, go me! 

Anyways, off to design some more blogs, which I'll be sharing later!

Happy Friday!!