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DIY // Painted Leather Mouse Pad

The Perfect Pear9 Comments
I was in need of a new mouse pad and I really didn't want to get one of those boring plain old navy blue ones with some companies logo on it, I wanted one that was crafty! :) So I took it upon myself to use up some old leather scraps and make an awesome gold and leather chevron mouse pad! Oh, the sweet smell of leather! 
 You'll Need: A large piece of leather, an exacto knife, pen or pencil, paintbrush, card stock, gold paint, scissors and a paint jar. 
Step one: Cut your leather to its desired shape and size. Step Two: Draw a pattern using your pen or pencil onto your card stock. Step Three: Using your exacto knife, carefully cut out your shape. Step Four: Pressing down on the card stock, use your brush to dab paint into your stencil. Carefully remove, making sure not to smudge it.
Voila! Now you've got a totally cute and customized mouse pad that perfectly suites your crafty personality! :) Try experimenting with words and different patterns!