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DIY // Fabric Trim Bracelet

Do It YourselfThe Perfect Pear3 Comments

As of right now I'm probably in a hotel! :) Fun right! But of course I couldnt leave you guys hanging so here's a fun little DIY just because! Bracelets are swell, especially if you can combine some rockin' fabric trims you probably have lying around the house!


You'll Need

: Fabric trims, scissors, pliers, a jewelry clasp and a few large jump rings and some glue (optional)


Step One

: Cut your trims to the length of your wrist. Dab some glue on the end if the trim may come apart or fray.


Step Two

: Use your jumps rings and attach them to the end of the trims.


Step Three

: Link all the jump rings together with one jump ring and add the jewelry clasp to it!


And just like that you're finished and you've got a seriously crafty bracelet!