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My Food Photography TIPS!

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Food photography as of late has been one of the things I've been looooving to do and it seems I'm growing more and more passionate about it! For me its almost like a challenge, like how can I make this muffin look so pretty and delicious, that'll you just HAVE to make it?! My food photography and photography in general has come a long way since I first started blogging so I thought it'd be fun to start sharing some tips since I get a lot of emails asking me how I take and edit my pictures! 


The Setup

: I always, always, always shoot near a window! Window lighting brightens your photo's and gives them a gorgeous color!  I used some wooden stakes I had to create a rustic wooden texture since rustic was the look I was going for. I then took some scrap fabric folded it up and placed my muffin on it, I intentionally left the edges show to add to the rustic feel.


The Background

: The background is hugely important and while your main focus really is the muffin people will still pay attention to the background! In the first photo I took I set up a glass of olive oil and some milk. The olive oil was too close so I moved it and the milk a bit farther away so you could see the whole jar and more of the milk. Although I thought it looked pretty, it was still missing something and was looking a little bare. So I added three more stacked muffins to add some dimension!


Knowing Your Camera

:  Your camera is a wonderful thing! I'll be the first to admit that when I first started out with a DSLR I would snap it into automatic mode and snap away thinking the camera will know what kind of "look" I'm going for and create it for me! Although your camera is very good at doing that sometimes it needs a helping hand! Most cameras will have a Food mode somewhere, once I set it into food mode it brighten and lightens to a whole other level! So Pretty!


Shoot A Bunch:

I take a bunch of pictures! Even if I move the camera slightly up or down to me its still a different picture. I hate when I go to upload pictures and I have only a few photos to choose from for my main picture, and then I'm sitting there thinking of all the other possible, better ways I could have taken the shot. So take lots of pictures at different angles, you'll thank me later!


Get Close

: I'm a huge detail oriented photographer, I love seeing details and snapping them in a pretty way, I especially love to do this with food! When you snap some close photos it brings your food to a different "level" instead of always shooting from farther away! You know what I mean?


p.s. I keep realizing I keep posting about food, haha what has gotten into me?

p.p.s you guys are the best!