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DIY // Pretty Folders!

The Perfect Pear4 Comments
I'm a HUGE organizer, I love the feeling of being organized and it makes me kind of excited when things are all neat, and I loooove organizing files! Although, I absolutely cant stand boring office supplies, I like to be inspired and have my files looking pretty! My blog design business, The Perfect Pear Designs is taking off and I couldn't be happier! Here's how I keep track of the pictures, fonts and details clients and I decide on in a pretty non-boring way!
Materials: Thick paper, scissors, ric rac & such, foil tape (pick up at local hardware store), hot glue gun and any other things you love that inspire you!
One: Take two sheets of paper and put them side by side so the long edges are touching. Cut a piece of foil tape, the same length as your paper and tape both sides together. Fold two sheets together to create the folder. Two: Use your hot glue gun to add pretty strips of fabric or paper! Three: Finish it off with some extra details, use some stickers, fun pens, paint, glitter, you name it! Four: Cut a small strip off the outside sheet of paper, so you can categorize it, I chose "Blog Design"
I love being organized, it's one of the best feelings, and its even better when everythings so cute and just plain awesome possum!
Happy Crafting