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DIY // Faux Gauges / Plugs

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 If these don't say "statement" I don't know what do! I have to say I surprisingly love these! I had the urge to make something out of polymer clay and lately I've been loving the look of real gauges, but the thought of the pain immediately turns me away! So I decided to combine polymer clay and gauges / plugs to create a rockin' pain free look!  I love the way it actually looks like its going right through your ear, its like magic!



: Earrings you don't use, polymer clay, sharp knife or clay cutter, cutting board.


: Separate two balls of polymer clay, smaller than the size of a golf ball.


: Roll them both out into cones that create a point at the end.


: Bend them down like so.


: Cut a chunk of polymer clay from your earrings. Then push the earring post into it.


: Take a tiny bit of clay, squish it so its flat and put it over earring post, this helps to secure it. Smooth it out with your fingers.


: Attach the clasp part of the earring into the rest of the polymer clay piece. Use the earring to poke a hole all the way through the clasp and into the polymer clay. Make sure not to move it too much after this so you don't close the hole.


: Bake according to directions and after push earring into polymer clay to make a definite hole. 

Wear them and make a rockin' statement! :) Happy Crafting!


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