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DIY // Drink Swizzle Sticks!

Do It YourselfThe Perfect Pear8 Comments

I think when it comes to party's and summer gatherings the little details make them super special! :) These fun and funky swizzle sticks will add that extra flare your drinks need! Woohoo!


 You'll Need: Tissue Paper, Scissors, Bamboo Skewers, Foil Duct Tape (hardware store), Scissors


 Step One: Snip the ends off your skewers to make them the desired length based on the glasses you'll be using!


 Step TWO: Cut two pieces of tissue paper and lay them on top of each other. Then make slits into both layers all the way across, making sure not to fully cut the two layers in half.


 Step Three: Wrap the two layers tightly around the skewer, then secure the tissue paper to the skewer with your shiny silver foil tape!


Swizzle around your drink, have a party and enjoy the company of some good friends and family! mmmm summer!