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4 WAYS// To Style a Blouse

The Perfect Pear11 Comments
Lately I've been loving blouses, they're so versatile and can be worn in any season to dress up or down an outfit! Score!! These are a few of my all time favorite ways to style them!
This one is super casual and super cute! I wear this one a lot during the summer and is the perfect outfit for a little garden party or a picnic. Pair it with some cowboy boots and you're golden!
You know when you get a new piece of clothing you LOVE and all you want to do is wear over and over again? Well that's me and this skirt! I got this skirt from my grandma and I've been wearing it a lot, I love the vintage 60's feel it has, and the polka dots on the blouse adds an even extra special touch!
I feel a bit like a broken record when I tell you that I wear this one a lot too, but seriously I do! I absolutely love the playfulness of this outfit and seems so summery! :) looove it!
This one is definitely more targeted towards spring and fall seasons because I'm pretty sure if you wore this in the summer you'd be roasting! It's really cute and a great casual outfit for a night on the town! :)
how do you style your blouses?