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DIY // Chain & Pearl Bracelet

Do It YourselfThe Perfect Pear7 Comments

I don't know if you know this about me but one of my favorite places to shop is a hardware store! Weird right? I always love the endless and unexpected possibilities! I love this bracelet for its simplicity and the way it combines a classy vibe with the pearls and a rocker feel with the thick white chain! Awesome possum right?!



: Silver wire, white chain, pearls, pliers, bracelet clasp.


Step One

: With the wire make a loop around the chain to secure it.

Step Two

: Thread the wire with pearls and begin weaving the pear covered wire through the chain.

Step Three

: Once you reach the end, wrap the wire around the end a few times and make a loop that extends from the chain.

Step Four

: Add a bracelet clasp to the beginning end and clasp it to the extending loop. 


Now go rock that bracelet! :) Happy Sunday friends, thanks for always being so awesome possum!