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DIY // 3 Ways to Jazz Up Your Mugs

Do It YourselfThe Perfect Pear8 Comments

 A happy Sunday to you! :) I'm sad to say that it was a gloomy day today, but I'm not the least bit sad to say that I spent the afternoon drinking tea out of these pretty mugs I decorated! And to think all it took was some porcelain paint! Pretty right?



: Mugs, Porcelain Paint, Pencil, Paintbrush and some Tape!


Style One

: Using your paintbrush simply make a "U" shape over and over, connecting each one! 


Style Two

: This style is great for writing words, especially if your not a naturally born painter like moi! Simply dip your pencil in the paint and write away!


Style Three

: This style reminds me of a mug you'd find in an artists house! Tape some sections off and take your paintbrush and paint all over! Then take the paint off and voila...masterpiece!

*For all of these you'll need to bake them according to your paints directions!