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Orange Cranberry Holiday Milkshake

"food"The Perfect Pear12 Comments
Good morning everyone! How's everyone doing? I hope you all had a terrific Christmas! Mine was full of games, family and WAY too much food! This morning I had a craving for a Christmas smoothie (which eventually turned into a milkshake) so I used all the Christmasy sweet foods in my fridge and came up with this really delicious milkshake! 
About a handful of each! You may also need some milk, if its too thick! Also, fresh squeezed orange juice is the best!
I love how the cranberries turn it a pretty candy cane pink color! :) Is that totally weird that I would be so excited about the color of a milkshake? If it is, I cant help it! 
Yum! What kind of Christmasy food have you had? I'd love it if you'd share your favorite recipe! :)