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thats SILLY!

The Perfect Pear8 Comments
Just a few days ago, I was walking around in a really expensive store try to get some inspiration of things to make. (bad, I know) When I came across this rediculous sign! 
At first I laughed, because I mean common, really? Then I made one of those "that's so silly/ you people are crazy" faces. Sitting on a bed is like one of the safest things you could do!!
So anyways all this got me thinking about what had to have happened, that made them put this sign up.
Here are my theorys:
1. The bed was so comfy and full of pillows it took an entire team to get someone out.
2. The bed was so full of pillows someone lied in it, then another person did the same, not seing the first persone because of all the pillows and the first person got crushed.
3. Someone went to jump on the bed, missed and landed face-first on the ground

What's your theory?
happy days,