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12 Days of Easter // Lace Bowl DIY

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Hey everyone! My name is Claire from Heart Handmade UK ^-^

I am so pleased to be over here at The Perfect Pear showing a little tutorial on how to make a lace bowl from a doily (fabric not paper!)

So you will need...
PVA Glue (Elmers glue in the usa?)
Cling Film (cerran wrap)
A bucket or ceramic bowl. Ceramic bowls can give nice curved edges but i fancied the bucket effect ^-^
A doily
A paintbrush to apply the glue

All you need to do is put the cling film securely around your bowl or bucket and secure. Place to doily on top and make sure you centre it before putting on any glue.

The top image below is the 'before the glue' shot and below is after - when i smothered in PVA. Use A LOT!
I then left this to dry over night. Make sure you use plenty of glue and spread evenly with your paintbrush. As soon as you are done with your brush - wash it. PVA comes out fine.

The day after I went in to check on it and it had completely dried woo! So all thats left to do is remove your cling film from the bowl
...and then the cling film from the doily!

et voila!
This would be a very cute way to store little chocolate easter treats!