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            I figured it was about time for an about me post. to introduce me and what I love to all the lovely new readers as well as a little update for all the people who've stuck with me!

 i enjoy rainy days with a warm cup of tea in hand. days full of DIY and crafty things. You'll often see me wearing fake nerd glasses from time to time. my favorite color is pear green. I'm a girl with big dreams, I want to live a crafty and creative life.
I have a sunglasses and ring obsession.You'll find my notebook full of random ideas and am always making lists and things to do. Black pens make things look mad, in my opinion. Summer is the best time of the year. I honestly am in love with my blog, and blogging in general. I currently want to make a pin hole camera. I could eat pumpkin woopie pies all my life!

           photo shoots are one of my favorite things to do. I regularly listen to just about any genre of music. I wish life were put to a soundtrack. mustaches are pretty funny. 99% of all my clothes are thrifted. I make something new every week. I think DIY's are just FABULOUS. here are all the ones I've previously made. 

When I'm in love with something I cant stop talking about it. I'll go head over heels for anything vintage. mmm bubble tea! 
I'd love to learn more about you! tell me a little something about yourself!
Welcome new Readers!