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|a few things|

"A Day in the Life"The Perfect Pear9 Comments
well there are a few things I would like to mention!
first off! a big thank you to all the ladies who suggested hot water, lemon and honey for soar throats! it worked like a charm. |source|
second: I realized that I forgot post, and mention a DIY I did over at Divine Chaos! go check it out.
three: I'm doing Project 365 and I'd love to share some of my pictures with you so far. (that'll be in a post to come)
fourth: I made a granny square cowl. two of my favorite things
fifth: I found another indie band I'm in love with. they're called the bird and the bee. this is my favorite song!
sixth: its snowy here. like really snowy.

well that's all for now! have a spectacular day!