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A dreamy Christmas DIY Roundup!

"DIY Roundup"The Perfect Pear2 Comments
its time for the Christmas DIY Round up I promised! oh so cheery!
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I feel like I should break out in song, just looking at this! its so lovely and clean! i love the music and gold!
via hungry hippie
Such a cute Idea for a Christmas Card holder! I love crafts with embroidery hoops!
via Pixie Mama
Oh so Delicious stained glass cookies! yum yum yum
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Simply adorable Pot Covers! i think these would be a fabulous Christmas gift!!
via Martha Stewart
Queen Bee, of crafting, would of course make her way into this post! Martha Stewart
Via Creature Comforts
Prettiest, and most delicate ornaments I've ever seen!
via Design Sponge
Lovely Ladies, of Design Sponge, made a gorgeous tissue wreath!
Hope that Satisfied your Christmas DIY craving, sure satisfied mine!
p.s. check out my Christmas DIYover at Crafted Love. ps its yummy!