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round ONE! mix n' match craft challenge!

"MIX N' MATCH"The Perfect Pear5 Comments
it's time to officially kick off the mix N' Match Challenge! so e-x-c-i-t-e-d! just a little reminder before i give you the three things. Anyone can sign up anytime, and you don't have to JUST use these three things, but you must include all the three (if that makes sense, use the three things and others too!) 
Now without further adieu, let the creative creating begin!
Item 1: Paperclip
Item 2: Glitter
Item 3: Yarn
these are pretty hard, I'm not going to lie. be creative, think outside the box and I'm sure you'll come up with something amazing! Voting will begin on the 24th! Get your pictures in!

thank you to all the amazing people who leave comments, and who follow, you melt my heart! this competition is going to make the holiday season so much better!