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"MIX N' MATCH", "Update"The Perfect Pear17 Comments
I'm back from my little "vacation" which means back to regular posting (yeay!), back to my craft room!

there are a few topics i need to mention:
one: i will be doing a total blog makeover, and I'll also be playing with backgrounds, so don't be alarmed if you come across my experimentation!
two: the other day i went to ikea. for. the. first. time. EVER! and let me tell you its the bees knees! i bought an apple cinnamon candle, so now my room smells like apple pie!
i would love to have this. i edited it to make it sparkle!
three: i have a few posts, that i have been meaning to share with you like --> pictures, diy roundup (Christmas style), and some music and lovely artists!
four: i hope everyone had a LOVELY thanksgiving!
five: the contestants for the mix n' match challenge round three!
Camera Notebook
Little Worm Guys
Anthropology Inspired Necklace
CD Ornament
Upcycled Christmas Wreath
i'm suspecting the Mix N' Match Challenge might slow down a bit, with the Christmas Season approaching! not to worry, i look forward to seeing all that you guys make!

p.s. lucky number 115. you make me smile!