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fancy friday!

"Fancy Friday"The Perfect Pear3 Comments
first off let me start by thanking all the lovely ladies who guest blogged for me! it was a blast! I'd loved seeing everyones posts, and different writing styles. Secondly. Fancy Friday! I feel like I haven't done it in AGES, and i've missed it!
1: These adorable pears Ornaments! pears are my favorite, so how could I not love 'em! etsy
2: the cutest Halloween costume EVER! (yes Halloween is long gone, but come on! this is the best!) via whipped cream on top

3: oh so beautiful. anything with wings, is a-okay in my books! via etsy
4: tea. its starting to get chilly here, a good cup o' peppermint tea, shall solve that! via wehearit
5: this movie. I'm only half way through it right now, but its adorable! via IMDB
6: This adorable blog with an adorable name! check it out, and follow, its so cute! hello mint
7: YOU RIGHT THERE. Reading this! your the best!