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SUNDAY DIY! Wire No-tie Headband!

"DIY Sunday"The Perfect Pear4 Comments
yes, today is Saturday! BUT tomorrow is Halloween, so I had to get this DIY in earlier (haha yes, this is my lame excuse, for how excited I was to share this DIY with you) Lets get started!
You will need: Pretty fabric, wire (I'm pretty sure I used 18 gauge), jewelry tools, scissors, measuring tape, needle and thread, sewing machine. Optional: newspaper or regular paper.
1: Measure your head and add some extra length. Mine was around 80cm or so.
2: Now this is optional. I'm a newbie sewer, so I took some paper, folded it in half and made it look how I want to fabric to look. 
3: Then cut it out! Make sure your cutting the bad side!
4: Then fold your piece right sides to right sides.
5: Then pin it together!
6: Next sew it all up and leave an opening in the middle!
7: Take your wire, and measure the final product of your fabric, and double it. Fold your wire in half and twist it.
8: With your tools, curl the ends so it doesn't poke through or hurt you.
9: Turn inside out, so the right sides are showing. Then put your wire in!
10: Finally sew it up!
To wear it, just wrap it around your head and twist at the top a few times. It will stay put all day. Then when your done wearing it just straighten out the wire.
p.s. I have some news for you tomorrow!