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Promo 4 Promo: Lindsay of LDC Designs!

The Perfect Pear6 Comments
             Today's Promo 4 Promo, is all about Miss wonderful Lindsay! Lindsay is the creator of LDC Designs. A totally awesome and swell blog! She loves, sewing (she's really good at it :D ), sunny days, her camera, scrap fabric, her boyfriend, and her kindle too. Too cute right!? Did I mention she makes adorable things? DIY's too! 
You know how I love bows :) 
And my personal favorite! DIY Pants to Purse, its so creative!
She also a HTML wiz, with some extremely helpful tutorials! which I've been meaning to do!
AND she has some adorable little buttons, that would surely make your sidebar very pretty indeed.
Way to go Lindsay you rock, I love your blog! :)
you there! check it out!
p.s if you are wondering when your Promo 4 Promo is next, don't worry! I haven't forgotten, feel free to send me an email, to ask me any questions! Kristi your up next!