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Promo 4 Promo: Kristi! Free to Be Me :)

"Promo 4 Promo"The Perfect Pear4 Comments
So long story short. I really really really wanted to share the video of my pooch. But it just isn't uploading! I left my computer on all day and it still wouldn't upload! So I'm fairly disappointed, and I'm going to try to get it to work! 
And I do apologize, I feel like I haven't blogged in a while! 
happy Promo 4 Promo! This ones for you Kristi!
Everyone say hello to KRISTI!
Her blog is so cute, and called Free to Be Me! What a cool name! and it rhymes, who doesn't like rhyming things?
Kristi recently started a new thing called Thankful Thursdays, you should really go check out her blog! Not to mention, she's just a sweet girl! She doesn't have many followers which is strange, because her blog is JAWESOME! (is like awesome but shark form) FREE TO BE ME
Kristi you rock, especially with that mustache mug!
I have a little surprise for you, I might be able to post it tomorrow! :D
p.s. Kristi also thinks bubble baths can fix most things. I agree!
63 followers! So greatful for each and everyone of you. Give your computer a hug, Im hugging you back! YOU ALL ROCK!