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DIY SUNDAY: Bows Three Ways!

"DIY Sunday"The Perfect Pear9 Comments
Here's your DIY for this week! I totally forgot to tell you that I was a guest blogger, with this post, over at Kam's blog Campfire Chic! Look!
I la la LOVE bows, and I can never get enough of them. So why not have them three different ways!
You will Need: Three different mediums (I used, leather, felt and fabric), some chain, jump rings, pliers, scissors, hot glue gun, 
1: Start by cutting your leather and cut a small piece too, for the center part.
2: Take the larger piece and pinch it the middle. then wrap the small piece around where you pinched and glue in the back!
It will look like this! Do the same thing for your felt bow!
3: Next Cut your fabric and hem up the raw edges.
4: Cut another small piece for the center.
5: Cut some felt to fit the back of your bow to hide your seems.
You will have three very pretty bows!
6: Next get your chain out and measure how long you want each necklace to be!
7: Open up your jump rings and attach to your bows!
And there you go! 3 bows done 3 different ways! So pretty :) I'm wearing mine as we...... type?