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Guest Blogger: Katie from Punk Projects!

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Everyone say hello to Katie

Hey Guys, I'm Katie from Punk Projects, I'm guest blogging here on Lauren's blog today, Which is awesome because I love The Perfect Pear blog. :) And you can find Lauren Guest Blogging over on my blog --- RIGHT HERE
Anyway, I decided to share this tutorial with you guys! A cute and super easy cozy for your cell phone!  Enjoy!
Tools & Supplies: felt, misc embellishments, sewing machine, or just a needle & thread! :)
1. Measure your phone on top of your felt. You want your felt to be about 1" bigger than your phone.
2.  Pick out your embellishments. I chose to cut an owl out of patterned fabric and a ruffle of fabric.
3. Stitch your embellishments down.
4. Fold inside out, and run a stitch down the sides. Flip Right side out and You are all done! Your cell phone has a little cozy! :)
Xoxo, Katie
Thanks for guest blogging for us Katie :)