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{DIY SUNDAY} HI Thought Bubble Pillow

"DIY Sunday"The Perfect Pear3 Comments

BEFORE I get to the tutorial I should inform you of my pillow making knowledge. ...Its pretty much non existent. But I have to start somewhere and I think you should join me! So I am no pillow makin' master!
1: you will need: 2 types/colors of fabric, stuffing, a sewing machine, scissors, fabric chalk, and a needle and thread!
2: Outline/ trace your letters onto your fabric and cut it out!
3: Cut out your bubble shape, right sides together (I had such a hard time with this!!)
4: Zig Zag stitch your letters onto one of your bubbles on the right side! (you don't have to zig zag if your fabric doesn't fray)
5: Right sides together, sew your bubbles together. Remember to leave an opening!
6: Turn inside out and stuff your pillow! Almost done!
7: Stitch the opening shut!
p.s. look where I've been :) original photo!