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i have a....

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confession. i want a journal or a diary. like this one ^
Whenever I think of a diary or journal, I seem to always wind up at the same place. A journal is a place for complaining and whining. OR they are to talk about little crushes.But I think it would be nice to right down a few things that happened that day, maybe in point form. Since, of course, I am a list maker.
Another thing. I don't know how to start.
Dear Diary? Do I give my journal a name? Dear.....Lola? Or do I even have to start with the same thing every time. What? is there diary etiquette?
(I really like this one)
Maybe if I started one, it would be a grateful book. Right down ten things I'm grateful every night before I go to bed!
Anyone out there have a non-whiny journal?
Of course, I don't want to 'put down' the bad parts of life, or not record them, because they are important. But I don't want a book full of the bad things that happened. No drama.
this reminds me. I haven't art journalled in a long time!

p.s. i would want a lock on mine! :)
feels weird but this is kind of hard to admit. I don't know why