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Fancy Friday

"Fancy Friday"The Perfect Pear2 Comments
mm friday love, (which has now been changed to Fancy Friday) finally is here! But today's has a special twist on it. Everything is going to be from I love that site :)
making it to the top of the list this week, GLEE! I am such a gleek!
I used to make these when I was little, so they bring back a lot of nostalgic memories!
such a perfect picture, photoshoped of course, or else this, I'm sure would have ended bad.
these are so happy! I really fancy them.
I wish I was there right now, it seems so magical!
I would fancy an adorable pair of these booties! definitely
p.s. I am currently working on a new series for you guys, which I think is going to be soo cute! Can't wait to share it!