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reasons why I love vintage!

"vintage"The Perfect Pear4 Comments

for many people vintage things are old, scratched, and not always in prime condition as well as not always working. So why do I love vintage SO much? Well everything has a story.
camera's are something I love the most. Cameras have helped make memories and they have seen things many years ago, and its almost like when you look through them, you are looking through the first persons eyes.
Clothing on the other side, dresses in particular, also have a story. I like to think about what people have accomplished and what they too have seen in these dresses, and the fact that how one dress can make someone feel so confident. Maybe putting this dress on you can feel that same feeling.
typewriters have helped people create words to people to express their feelings. And they are very pretty not to mention! :)
everything has a story, whats yours?