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today with a twist!

"Fancy Friday"The Perfect Pear1 Comment
Today's Friday Love has a bit of a twist on it. It's going to be an Etsy edition, so all of the things I love are off etsy today! Exciting no? You want sources? Click the pics.
Maybe my next purchase. They look so delicious and yummy.
Is this not the best wood sign ever? It would go perfectly in a little coffee shop. Yup I can see it right now.
Words cant even explain how beautiful this is to me. I think its just so gorgeous!
Then theres this adorable cowl. I love it because its so simple and pretty purple color. It would match my new hat!
This lady makes the most beautiful rings, for a very decent price. :)
Such a cute little sea turban. Day out on a boat, this is just perfect to hold your luscious locks in.
I've always loved and wanted a bird cage necklace, but never knew where I could find one. Maybe it'll be etsy one day.
This is possibly the best and most amazing thing I've ever seen on etsy! I WANT IT! to bad its sold. Someone out there is VERY lucky. I envy you.
We've reached the end of today's Friday Love, with a twist. hope you liked it! I love etsy!