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"Thrifting"The Perfect Pear2 Comments
Yet another day of shopping, even better actually, than the last. I found the most AMAZING things. Let me walk you through my day.
First off we went to the used bookstore. It's so amazing in there, so many books I didn't know where to begin.
I came across a cute vintage looking Anne of Green Gables, which (call me crazy) I have never read. But I put it down when I found a book called "A girl for every season." Its kind of a how-to book full of random things and significant dates in every month. I learned how to make truffles, how to write thank you notes and so much more. All with a touch of humour to it!
I felt a little weird taking pictures in a used bookstore, it was so quite. But I though what the heck, life needs a little adventure, a little risk taking you know!
After that, we went to the consigned clothing store! Tons of fun.
Now to add to the pile of goodness, I got a scarf and some bangles, which I saw in we heart it and actually blogged it right here. So now I have a pair of my own!
So then we went to this incredible vintage furniture store, that this guy has been collecting for a while, he has everything from couches, to pots and pans, to orange typewriters!!!! Now brace yourself for the best part to come. I'm pretty sure I have a weakness when it comes to vintage sunglasses. Yes, I did buy another pair!
Aren't these so fun?
Don't you just love them?!! Today was such a good day. Maybe I should start a sunglasses collection. Although I would love to also have a vintage camera collection too! What kind of collections do you have?
I'll be drawing the winner on SUNDAY!